In Memory of Lucy Kelly

The beloved past president of Sundowner Park left a lasting impression on our community. Lucy was a passionate advocate for Sundowner and loved spending time with her family and friends at beach. Her contagious smile and positive attitude brightened up the atmosphere and made everyone feel welcome.

Lucy dedicated many years of her life to improve Sundowner Park, and her hard work and dedication were instrumental in shaping the community we have today. She was a major force behind the many improvements and developments that have transformed Sundowner Park into the beautiful and thriving space it is now.

Lucy’s legacy will live on, and her contributions to the community will not be forgotten. Her unwavering commitment to making Sundowner Park a better place is a testament to her character, and her impact will continue to be felt for generations to come.

We are grateful for Lucy’s life and the positive influence she had on our community. We will miss her dearly, but her memory will continue to inspire us to carry on her work and keep Sundowner Park a vibrant and welcoming space for all to enjoy.